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About EeshaBoutique

Our sustainable, eco-friendly, handmade collection represents India’s rich and unique artistic tradition.
We want to preserve the traditional production of textiles. That’s why we have an exclusive collection of exotic pieces of chikankari, suzani, hand block print, kantha,tie-dye,
kuccha, phulkari, ari work and many more made by artisans from different parts of India and hand-picked for our lovely customers.
Our stunning collection of scarfs, dresses, tunics and kaftans are lightweight, durable and have a gorgeous, timeless elegance about them. They are also made using ancient and natural manufacturing techniques such as sunlight, natural dyes and mud.
We use organic cotton in the production of our Kaftans, tunics. In addition to being incredibly soft
and comfortable, the choice to use organic cotton means that farmers and garment workers
are not exposed to toxic chemicals and pesticides. Organic cotton is also far less water and
energy intensive then conventional cotton. By using organic cotton valuable natural
resources are therefore preserved in developing communities.
Whenever possible we choose to use people instead of machines. All of our embroidery is
done by hand. We value the incredible skill of these talented artisans and the years spent
learning intricate, meticulous and ancient techniques.

Much of our fabric is also sourced from something called cottage industries, these are small
scale decentralized manufacturing business, typically operated out of the home. Much of
our fabric is sourced from these small, female run businesses in rural villages in India. By
doing this we provide a source of income, independence and economic mobility to these
We love what we do, and we are proud of the opportunity to share our love of art and
culture with you. We put environmental integrity and human compassion at the
center of our business.
When shopping at Eesha Boutique you are helping to embrace and support the slow
fashion industry, a process that values people, sustainability and tradition. We hope to
encourage others to value and cherish garments and respect the people who make them.

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