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About Ecofacemask

Since a mask has become a must, let’s make them a part of your outfit in this New NORMAL!

Eco face mask, based in Melbourne, Victoria was born with an idea to make fashionable face mask as part of your outfit. As a leading brand in personal protection products, we are committed to producing first-class eco-friendly face masks with three-layer sustainable premium quality cotton that enables considerable thickness as well as maximum protection and comfort. We are driven with the passion to ensure people’s health and hygiene while bridging the divide between style and functionality.

In the efforts to stop the spread of COVID 19 pandemic and in alignment with the most recent medical guidelines, we have designed functional, breathable and fashionable face masks that allow comfortable and prolonged usage and as well complement your outfits in a grand style.


Our products are skin-friendly

We care for more than face masks. We are much concerned about your health and interest, which is one major reason we focus on making ultra-soft breathable and skin-friendly face masks with sustainable premium quality cotton to give you a better face-covering experience.


We offer Fast Delivery

Some of our highest points are quick delivery and reliability. Because we care and are committed to our customers, we take every possible measure to ensure your orders get to your doorstep quickly. Even with such a high demand of Face Masks, our team is working hard to ensure your orders are delivered as quickly as possible.


Machine Washable

Safety and comfort accompanied with innovation have been a strong point of our values. We strive to achieve absolute convenience for users, and having understood the present need for people to cut down their expenses; we make machine washable face masks to enable further usage.


Unique, Stylish and Affordable

With the aim to encourage frequent usage at every occasion, we make our face masks available in different unique styles and designs that fit into different kinds of outfit – whether corporate or casual. Although our products are made with the best quality eco-friendly materials, yet we ensure our customers’ pockets are not harmed – the best quality at a fair pricing is one of our taglines. Additionally, we guarantee free shipping for orders above $30.


We redefine face masks; we lead with excellence!

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