Our Story

Adam and Jessie are partners in life and in business, Adam has been a bike rider and part of the bike industry for over two decades now and Jessie has a keen interest in reducing waste and making sustainability as convenient and connected as possible. Together they make Eco Hair Ties as a simple way that people can be gentle towards the planet and their hair.

Adam has loved BMX since he was a little tike, here's a photo of mini Adam in his 'BMX Champion' t-shirt we guess his future in BMX is written in the stars...

Jessie still loves beanies with pom poms and lying in the grass but she discovered her true passion for leftovers and sustainability a little while later...

We both met each other at an event that Jessie and her friends organised at Edinburgh Gardens in Melbourne 'Munchie Mondays', these were community dinners where all of the food is collected from the bins at the Vic Markets and cooked into meals as a way to engage people to talk about food waste.

And Jessie got to continue this conversation at Universities, Festivals and Councils under the name 'Leftover Lovers' whilst Adam continued to ride BMX... And we fostered a dog Yanni, that is Adams biggest cheer leader whenever he rides a skatepark!

We now live together on the Surf Coast in Victoria and it was a chance morning at the Point Impossible carpark, aptly named for the way the wave breaks but equally for the dilemma that we were in- Jessie couldn't find her hair tie and wanted one before getting in the surf so Adam made her one- the very first proto-type for Eco Hair Ties and it was that morning out in the water that our business was born.