Our Story

It’s time to dream on silk

Inspired by our founder’s daughter’s beautiful and curly, yet frizzy and unruly hair, Dream on Silk was created to help you make the most of what silk can do for you.
In 2018, she started looking for products to help with bedhead and hair frizz and came across different products: sleeping caps, pillowcases, hair scrunchies and many others, but none of which were silk and none of which made any difference.
Until one day, she found a very interesting article about the benefits of using a silk pillowcase and was impressed by what she read.
So, she decided to buy a silk pillowcase and couldn’t believe the difference.

This is when Dream on Silk began.

It began with the idea to establish an online store that sells double-sided silk pillowcases with the best grade quality mulberry silk on the market, plus unique zip-closures so they won’t slide off your pillow in the night!

The mission we dream of

Our mission is to provide you with the best sleep experience that our silk products can offer with all the health and beauty benefits.

We want you to dream on silk and wake up feeling more confident, beautiful and a little luxurious.

The silk to help you dream

Our beautiful collection of high-quality silk pillowcases, sleep eye masks, scrunchies and face masks, are all designed to help you dream deeper, sleep softer, and experience smoother hair and skin, all while feeling beautiful.
All our high-quality silk products are made with 100% pure mulberry silk, 22 momme high-grade 6A, double sided silk and non-toxic dye, perfect for frizzy, curly hair, sensitive skin, and the lightest of beauty sleepers.