Our Story

Hi, I’m   Anita a former corporate marketer and founder of Dark City Foundry, we make cold drip coffee in Melbourne and ship Australia-wide.

Over 10 years ago I discovered that I was intolerant to both dairy and soy milk which made it hard to get a decent coffee with many long blacks being far too bitter. I discovered cold drip as a method of brewing a wonderful black coffee without the bitterness or acidity, and never looked back.

Cold drip coffee is produced by slowly percolating chilled filtered water through freshly ground coffee over many hours. It’s thought that a version of cold drip coffee originated with Dutch sailors in the 17th century.

With the cold drip process the coffee grounds are never soaking in their own infusion (an important differentiation with cold brew coffee), instead fresh water flows slowly but continuously through.

Without the use of heat, cold drip can successfully extract a sweeter flavour from the coffee bean, highlighting the deepest of chocolates, caramels and spices or the lightest fruit with a texture unlike any other brewing method. What’s not extracted are the bitter and acidic compounds from the coffee bean and in turn delivering a black coffee that contains no bitterness.

As a brand, Dark City Foundry is friendly and approachable, knowledgeable about our products, progressive in our thinking, and versatile – we do almost everything ourselves, including building our commercial brewing system. 🌈😊

I think that our cold drip is a wonderful smooth, clean, and flavoursome brew and I’m sure you’ll agree!