Our Story

Cloud Nine Global is a premium gifting agency, created by sisters Kate and Ali Lalak.
Our Cloud Nine journey began in a flurry of excitement in January 2018, when we registered our very first company. We plunged into the world of entrepreneurship as business partners and sisters, and what an incredible adventure it’s been so far.

Initially we launched Cloud Nine as a travel focused e-commerce business, with a B2C focus. As our products began to take shape after endless researching and testing, we found we were getting more and more interest from the corporate market and made our first shift into B2B sales.

As our range began to develop, so did our customer base and we quickly realised how important customisation was for our clients, so we introduced this option. This was our second pivot and a really important one. Having had a focus on local suppliers, we had the ability to create bespoke tailored gifts which really started to differentiate our business from our competitors.

Our next and most important change came in 2020 as events and travel came to a complete halt. We came out of a very tough year with a lot of learnings, new clients, a broader offering for the market and, most importantly, we repositioned our business as a premium gifting agency.

Since day one, we have been incredibly passionate about supporting local businesses and we’re so proud of the vibrant network we’ve created. We most often deal with the businesses owners/founders, we know their stories, why they created their brands/products - and love sharing them and helping them grow. There is so much strength in small business communities and we’re genuinely there to support each other.

We’d love to welcome you into the Cloud Nine family - so please get in touch if we can help you create unique gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

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