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About Butt Naked Body

We’re like your unconditional bestie that gives it to you straight every time you need advice. The legendary hubby that does the washing up without having to be asked. The barista that makes your cup ‘o’ joe extra fancy. It’s like the badass boss who notices the efforts you’ve put in and rewards you. The friendly chick on the train who stands up to give you her seat. The obsessive Iove you feel towards your doggo.

We are about  looking in the mirror, no makeup, no layers, no clothes, no hiding and knowing you’re maybe a little weird, maybe a little crazy, maybe a little imperfect – but imperfectly perfect just as you are. Lumps, bumps, scratches, scars, nakedness and all. It’s gosh-darn-amazing, feel-good self love in skincare form.

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