Our Story

But how could you live and have no story to tell? ~ Dostoevsky

The idea came from a desire to protect this planet for future generations. When we learned there is meant to be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050, we got quite upset and decided to take an active part in saving our planet. Viv & Alice created Brush It On to fight plastic pollution by helping people make conscious choices without sacrificing their lifestyle.

In 2018, we successfully funded our project on Indiegogo which helped us get our social enterprise off the ground. We started with designer bamboo toothbrushes and received a great response from the market, which motivated us to expand our offer and provide a wider range of zero-waste personal care products. We run our social enterprise from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

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Marketer by workweek, adventurer by weekend, Viv loves spending time outdoors climbing mountains or diving in the oceans. She is passionate about the environment and protecting our beautiful planet. She’s been looking for different ways to reduce her plastic footprint until she came across bamboo toothbrushes.  And that’s how the idea of Brush It On started. Her aim is to establish and grow a social enterprise that has a potential to shift people’s mindsets to be more conscious of their everyday habits and how they affect the environment.