Our Story

Boobie Smoothie Co is an Australian made and owned company, focused on health & nutrition whilst supporting mums on their breastfeeding journey.


We have carefully selected, tried and tested two unique breastfeeding mixes to add to your favouite SMOOTHIE, cereal, yogurt, soups or even casseroles. Use to make your own lactation bikkies or bliss balls. Basically anything at all!! We wanted to create a product you could add to your every day meals. Our mix is designed to BOOST your natural milk supply. Full of all the traditional milk making galactagogues! A product  to take the stress away and allow your baby to grow and thrive.

You wont even notice our powdered mix in your smoothies, but its jammed packed full of milk making ingredients, your body needs.

And why smoothies?? We believe it’s so important to nourish our mums both nutritionally and emotionally. Smoothies are not a fad but a game changer! Not only quick and easy (thinking drinking one handed while holding, feeding or soothing an upset baby)  but drinking smoothies made with whole fruit and vegetables, which are high in vitamins, minerals and good fats, is like giving your car premium fuel to run off. A natural energy BOOSTER! And what sleep deprived mum doesn’t need that.

A green smoothie is a delicious way to consume fruit and vegetables such as dark leafy greens which is high in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are believed to promote healthy breast tissue & lactation. Our mix is then filled with more milk making galactagogues. We pack it with the good stuff. Brewers yeast, oats, coconut, flaxseed & more.

Boobie Smoothie Co is a collaboration between two mums, Meredith and Melissa who have both nursed their children and understand the struggles mum's can face with low milk supply.

For Melissa with a background in PR & marketing, it was preparing to return back to work with baby number two,  that she realised she was really struggling to express milk.

I was breastfeeding exclusively and although  my daughter was 7 months at the time, and eating solids, we were no where near ready to end our breastfeeding journey. I wanted her to decide when she was ready to wean. The struggle however was being able to produce enough milk to express for a bottle while my daughter Isla was in care.  This led to looking into other ways to help boost my supply and options to include in my everyday meals. I found cookies on the market and whilst I enjoy a cookie from time to time, I didn't want to be eating them all day, every day. I couldn't find anything on the market that could be used in my everyday meals, so started researching ways to make my own. Smoothies had always been my go to breakfast and adding a mix full of milk making powers to my daily smoothie just made sense.'

With the help of Meredith (our product developer) and her background in nutrition &  many years of cooking in top restaurants and cafes, it just made sense to make our own powdered mix  to enjoy. We have so many delicious recipes to share with you from smoothies, to bliss balls and more. Our mix really can be added to nearly all of your everyday meals.  We know being a mum is BUSY, we want to provide an easy no fuss option with quick and delicious recipe ideas.xx

From here Boobie Smoothie Co came to life and has been tested over and over by mums who are all loving the benefits!

We are passionate about breastfeeding. For more helpful ideas & advice we suggest following The Australian Breastfeeding Association. They provide counselling and support services plus education and training for all new mums.

We believe education is key for all new mums to get the best out of their breastfeeding journey. It can be tough, but the health benefits are so amazing and we want to help every mum breastfeed for as long as possible.


We hope you love Boobie Smoothies and our yummy Acai bowls!! xx


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