Our Story

2013 - bird & hill begins as a creative label that celebrates an emerging alternative movement within surf culture. We live by the sea. It’s our home and we respect it.

Jack: It all started when I was fed up with expensive, cheap quality plastic eyewear from surf shops. It was my third pair. Something had to change, I wanted to fix this problem, A little while later I met Shell and introduced her to bird & hill, and laid down the problems I was aiming to resolve. She imminently began designing eyewear for bird & hill from that day forward.

Shell: I have always been a creative person; I love that it comes quite naturally to me.
Before I met Jack, I was contemplating what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew it had to be something creative! Then I met Jack and after hearing about his eco-conscious brand, it clicked for me! I started designing sunglasses for bird & hill, and that’s how it began. We have now expanded from a ‘sunglasses company’ to a ‘coastal brand’.

All products we design are a direct reflection of our environment. With a limited production of carefully curated high-quality frames, ocean-inspired tees & accessories, we give the utmost attention to detail.

We are proudly bird & hill.


Terrigal NSW, Australia