Our Story

Babyboo was started 15 years ago in 2005 after the sale of 2 previous business World Wide Décor and Basket World (Satara)

When I was looking to start my next business venture in to the homewares industry I was inspired by the birth in 2004 of our first baby Frances.

I placed a very large order with no warehouse, business name or anything else for that matter of fact, but I was so excited about how good the product was.

The name come about when we were trying to come up with it around the kitchen table, we were thinking Babyworld or Baby something and every time we say baby Frances would stick her head from under the table and say Boo hence the name Babyboo.

Also the baby’s face on our logo is that of Frances.
After 15 years, over 90 Reed trade fairs, hundreds of thousands of toys, over 2000 customers Australia wide, New Zealand, USA etc… Babyboo is still going strong.

But the greatest pleasure we get is when we get photos from mums of baby’s hugging our toys and being told how much they got attached and how much they love our toy.

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