What is the Baby Origami Doublewrap™........
Easy to use every time, it helps parents and all of us,  to wrap our babies consistently. The only swaddling wrap your baby will need. The Doublewrap™ is one size, beautiful premium Australian organic cotton & easy to care for.

The Doublewrap™ is designed to guide parents and carers to wrap their babies the same way every time. The two layer-design has a fixed inner layer to keep babies securely swaddled, minimising the effects of their ‘startle reflex.’

When your baby is wrapped securely for sleep they are more likely to settle into a dependable sleeping pattern that makes life peaceful for all.

I love you even more when you are sleeping!
It’s daunting to be faced with a plain square of fabric, no instructions and a new baby.  That’s why we created the original Doublewrap™, because it really works. Let’s face it, as parents, we all need our sleep and so do our new babies.

The Baby Origami Doublewrap™ was the first wrap to have a double-layer of fabric to help keep babies snug and wrapped in their wrap for their much-needed sleep.

The Doublewrap™ has no fixtures, zippers or fasteners ... just good old fashioned swaddling and premium organic fabric. Thousands of parents have used the ‘best baby wrap’ ever with great success.

Instruction bag
Making a great gift, the Baby Origami Double Wrap™  comes in its own reusable organic cotton bag with the instructions printed on the outside, making them super practical and versatile.

They are great for storing your wrap it's easy to present to parents and carers to ensure your baby is wrapped the same way every time for a good nights sleep, or to pack nappies, wipes, bottles etc whilst on the go!


Ettalong Beach NSW, Australia

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