Our Story

The Modern Alkimista was always part of our journey, “Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary”.  As a supportive friend and client, Sara has been on this journey from the beginning, and when circumstances meant we needed to have someone else continue the journey of Alkimista, the universe led us to her.

“I have had to completely transform myself and my daily rituals as part of my journey of discovery after breast cancer and chronic pain.  Part of that journey has been ensuring I connect with, listen to and act according to my whole being – mind, body and soul.  Getting back in touch with intuition has as been pivotal to my transformation.”  Sara Kay

The Modern Alkimista continues to create products designed to support you in your daily rituals of connection.  Today it is essential we connect with ourselves, others, nature and the divine, supporting our intuition as we make decisions.

We have entered an age where we are asked to embrace our divine feminine energy as males and females, embrace our purpose and listen to the universe.  We design all of our products with this in mind, creating tools, rituals and products to connect you with sacred energy.