Our Story

Adriana' Art - Handmade Artisan Products is a glimpse into the world of a maker.
Adriana is a Sydney based artist that is fascinated with the varied forms and use of both colour and light, in her current watercolour work as well as across various mediums and techniques - most recently in her handmade all natural artisan soaps.

With her technical background in all forms of printmaking and also watercolour, Adriana graduated with her Masters in Research from Sydney College of the Arts in 2015, and has been teaching and working in the field full time ever since. Her background in product development and procurement of art materials also lends itself to her fascination of colour in all its material forms, with her varied knowledge of products lending itself to her own art practice and that in turn flows through her teaching.

At present she is focusing solely on water based media in her paintings, taking an experimental approach to the exploitation and anticipation of watercolour as a medium, and its relationship to paper as an object. Through layers of translucent glazes of colour she focuses on re-creating figments of memory and worlds that are a study on the immediacy of paint. There is a strong focus on recapturing an affinity to the landscape through water and reflection, as well as through an amplified use of both luminosity and colour in her works. At its core, her work is whittled down to a process using the barest of necessities in water, pigment, paper and a single brush.

Adriana Handmade Artisan Soaps are all made of 100% natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or chemicals.

They are all handmade in small batches in Adriana's own studio.