Our Story

Acacia Aromatherapy is a family-owned Australian company based in Sydney. The company is named after the native Australian wattle, a species known for its resilience and ability to survive in harsh environments.

Our founder Ruby, working a corporate nine to five job, noticed the impacts of work stress on all aspects of her life. The stress was taking its toll on her work performance, her emotional stability and the relationships in her life. From mood swings to sleepless nights, Ruby recognised that this lifestyle was not healthy nor sustainable.

One early morning in the office, Ruby looked down at her takeaway latte. Staring into its swirling depths of cream and coffee, Ruby reflected. The morning coffee run marks the beginning of a new day for people across all walks of life. It’s made hurriedly at home in a thermos, grabbed on the way to the commute, or picked up with a quick detour to your local café. There is a general consensus that caffeine will boost our spirits and provide just enough energy for the long day ahead.

But while this morning ritual is widely practiced, there seemed to be no balancing evening ritual. The extra ten minutes we spend procuring that caffeine fix is a necessity to start the day. But how do we unwind? The build-up of tension throughout the day has no designated time to dissipate. Caught up in the fast-paced modern world, we seem to be unwilling to set aside an equal ten minutes at the end of the day to simply relax and reflect.

Ruby then discovered the benefits of essential oils – they were powerful and far-reaching. It was easy to incorporate essential oils into her day after some research into the practice of aromatherapy. And she felt its positive effects first-hand.

Ruby wanted to share the natural wellness of essential oils with the world. And thus, a vision was born.