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The answers might be right here. Alternatively you can email us via our contact page.

Tap on the user icon on the top right hand corner (the below screen will appear).
Then tap on either ‘Sign in’ or ‘Register’ and fill in the details required.

On mobile device:
Tap on the menu button (next to B2B Hub logo) on the top left hand corner (the below screen will appear).

Then tap on ‘Add your business’ button (the below screen will appear).

Tap on either ‘Wholesale’ or ‘Manufacture’, whichever is most suited to your business.

A sign in/register page will appear if you haven’t already done so.
If you have signed in – the listing details page will appear. Please complete all the information required.

Once completed, tap on ‘skip preview and submit’ or you can preview your business page first and then submit.

You will then be directed to the checkout page to make payment for your registration.

Your business listing will then be submitted for review by the B2B Hub team for approval.

In some cases businesses or brands will be denied approval due to not meeting platform requirements.

Some of these requirements include but not limited to:

  1. You must be an Australian based brand or business.
  2. You must wholesale, make or manufacture your products. Retail only are not accepted at this stage.
  3. You must have stated on your website and/or social that you provide wholesale.
  4. Your business must have a website in addition to social pages (Facebook and/or Instagram), and Google local business listing (if applicable) so we can verify that the business information provided is correct.

We have the rights to deny any business we feel do not meet our standards and/or requirements.

We appreciate that businesses would want to start advertising as soon as possible, however we do recommend that all businesses be set up and running for a reasonable amount of time before we’re able to accept a business listing.

Why? This requirement helps us verify the authenticity of all businesses on B2B Hub directory platform. This is in the best interest of all the suppliers and site visitors.

It helps us provide the most accurate information possible to the best of our knowledge.

You can only make edits to your listing once it has been approved. Business listings that are still pending approval will not be editable.

Please refer to our pricing page for current fees and promotions.

To be eligible for social shout-outs you must add your wholesale or manufacture business to B2B Hub directory platform.

Story shout-outs are available for general local businesses within the Brisbane north area. Please follow us @b2bhubdirectory on Facebook & Instagram and contact us with your interests.


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