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May 30
Important Qualities Wholesale Buyers Expect From You?

As a wholesale business owner, it’s essential to understand that you are providing a service to your wholesale buyers on top of your products. Your wholesale buyers are looking to purchase your products because they value what you offer, but if you don’t satisfy their needs, they will look elsewhere for their product supplier. Here […]

Apr 25
Best Methods For Wholesale Brands to Offer Product Exclusivity to Retail Stockists

Being in the wholesale industry, you’ve probably come across the term product exclusivity or perhaps have even been approached by retailers requesting exclusive selling rights for your products or brand.This might be tempting for a retail stockist, but what are they actually gaining from exclusive access? And more importantly, is it worth sacrificing your sales? […]

Apr 06
How to Select Quality Retail Stockists for Your Brand

Retail stockists are the stores that sell your products to the public, and as such, they’re one of the most critical parts of any brand or company’s wholesale business model. Choosing the ideal retail stockists can make all the difference between high profits and low sales – it could even mean the difference between success […]

Dec 06
Smart Business | Why Minimum Order Quantity is Essential for Wholesale Businesses?

Wholesale suppliers and distributors apply various requirements in order to run their businesses as efficiently as possible to maximise revenues. One of these requirements is called minimum order quantity, MOQ for short. MOQs impact both buyers and sellers in the B2B market, so regardless of whose side of the transaction you’re on, it’s critical to […]

Nov 01
Are Wholesale Marketplace Websites the Best Choice for Your Brand?

You’ve probably heard of it – wholesale marketplace websites – and probably even thought about joining, but you’re not quite sure what to expect from these kinds of opportunities. Are they worth it? How much can you make from them? In this blog post, we’ll answer all your questions and more so that you can […]

Oct 11
Benefits of Creating a Wholesale Channel | Should You?

Business is doing well and now you’re contemplating the idea of wholesaling, which will require you to open a wholesale channel within your business in conjunction with running your retail division. In this article, we’ll have a look at what wholesaling is and how it can benefit your existing retail business. What is wholesaling? Selling […]

Sep 28
How selling wholesale can easily help your retail brand grow?

Many eCommerce entrepreneurs start small, with an online store or a physical location, a few new products, and perhaps one or two employees. However, practically every start-up must take a risk at some point. Selling wholesale brands can be that step forward, allowing small firms to expand and sell in large quantities. Selling wholesale allows […]

Sep 20
How to successfully start a wholesale online store and survive in the digital space

What is Wholesale online store (aka eCommerce)? Wholesale online store is a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce approach in which you sell your products online in bulk and at a discount to other businesses rather than selling them individually to consumers. You serve as an intermediary between the producer and the distributor or retailer in the supply […]

Sep 06
Online Wholesale Directory vs Online Wholesale Marketplace | Which is Best for Your Business?

The terminology ‘wholesale’ means bulk quantities when referring to selling or purchasing. Nowadays there are multiple ways to contact wholesale business. In this article, we will discuss two different types of wholesale platforms i.e. online wholesale directory and online wholesale marketplace. Wholesale Marketplace A wholesale marketplace is a platform used for selling different products to […]

Aug 02
How Can Private Labelling Benefit Your Business?

What is a Private Label or Private Labelling? The majority of retailers, both online and offline, obtain their merchandise from wholesale suppliers. There aren’t many large wholesale companies that produce and sell their wholesale products directly to customers. That sales channel method is becoming more prevalent, but it is still uncommon in certain niches or […]