Our Story

Mineral Medica business owner Deb has dedicated nearly 2 decades to the beauty movement including attaining qualifications in beauty therapy and personal care formulating as well as extensive studies in Aromatherapy

Having a background knowledge of skin and passion for creating all things to do with natural skincare, she was concerned about particular ingredients and testing methods of these ingredients used to ensure safety of makeup. It was this concern that led her to investigate how to create beautiful natural makeup products without animal testing.  Knowing that others shared the same concerns, she launched her brand Mineral Medica in 2019.

Mineral Medica Brand Philosophy

Our Life Passion is to provide luxurious loose mineral makeup that are free of toxic chemical ingredients and without harming animals or adding in animal derived ingredients.

Mineral Medica Makeup is for those devoted to more ethical, healthier lifestyle who don’t want to compromise on quality, style or luxury.


Mineral Medica  has a vision of  empowering people globally to become trend setters and change makers.  We unite and stand up for protection of humans and animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect

We are a brand that encourages people to embrace themselves, their unique talents, abilities and individuality and feel truly beautiful in their own skin.